You mess with the bull ....

.... you might get the horns ....

.... next time .....

Such a laid back, wonderful bunny!

Gotta love cardboard tubes! 

Sweet Pea in the morning light

Black Doe

Sweet Pea and Prairie in girls pen 


Loungin' around

Our rabbit pen. Rabbits are social animals and love to run and jump with each other in the open space.

Buckaroo ~ Black Buck (Sold)

Oopsie popping her head out of her burrow.

The burrow is actually a large plastic container with a removable lid. I bury the container most of the way, put some dirt in the bottom with a little straw so it stays cool.

I cover the whole set up with straw and it looks like a natural burrow. When the kits are born, I can dust off the straw and open the lid and see what we were Blessed with! 

Anabel, the lil posing girlie girl

Introducing ~~ Prairie. So named for this stance :)

Chicken run ~ not that they use it much. You can usually see them free ranging in the yard  ~~ or my garden during an escape break

Our chicken coop. Made from free recycled barn and fence wood :)

The BIG guy... she was a pullet when we got "her" LOL