Please email me with any questions.

If someone has reserved a rabbit you are interested in, please let me know to put you next on the list for that rabbit. People do change their minds :)

Lionhead rabbit pricing depends on the rabbits body type, manes, head/ear shape, color, and sex. I will list individual prices around 6-8 weeks.

RESERVED means that someone has expressed an interested in this rabbit. If they do not pick them up, or contact me, the rabbit will be AVAILABLE again.

Please check back.

I have worked on these colors for 4+ years.
Full maned Harlequins and Magpies.

UPDATED: 3.24.2023
We have some does ready for new homes.
Also shown are kits that will be available in 4 weeks.


6 months old

Was keeping her, but I finally made the decision to let her go.

Beautiful, likes to be groomed. Calm.


Same doe


3 months old

Magpie, but more of a Sable in coloring.


Same doe


3 months old


Funny lil stinker


Same doe

The following kits are 4 weeks old. They will be available in 4 weeks. I will update their sex in a few weeks... enjoy the pictures!

Face front

Showing the coloring

Watcha doin'?

The boldest of the bunch for sure

Nice Harlequin