Wecome to JJ Rabbitry


Lionhead rabbits are wonderful pets - full of love and great temperments. They can be show bunnies or just wonderful love bugs.

Along with the Lionhead Rabbits we have chickens, and our newest family members are mini goats: Wendy, Baby, and Georgie. 


We are located just south of Albuquerque, NM in Los Lunas. 


Jeannie and Jackson Hanawalt




Newest project ~ Mini Goats

This is Baby! She's over a year old and pregnant.

I'll be making a new page for baby goats when they arrive!

los lunas nm

Website forum


Lots of rabbit information and a place to discuss rabbit issues

I have been working on the coloring of Magpie. It's a bunny with black and white stripes.

Below is the next generation of Magpie

Bunnys from the past



on his first birthday at home in Colorado

Thank you for the picture update: Jocelyn!

Max enjoying a romp in the snow

I have confirmed: ...he is a spoiled lil bunny!

Nap time

Bunny kisses