Nest box news
Kits are available to pick up when they are 8 weeks old. A supply of current food and hay will be sent home with the bunny.

Please email me with any questions.

If someone has reserved a rabbit you are interested in, please let me know to put you next on the list for that rabbit. People do change their minds :)

Lionhead rabbit pricing depends on the rabbits body type, manes, head/ear shape, color, and sex. I will list individual prices around 6-8 weeks.

RESERVED means that someone has expressed an interested in this rabbit. If they do not pick them up, or contact me, the rabbit will be AVAILABLE again.

Please check back.

Buck, Doe, and 3 kits 10 wks old
These bunnies were brought back to me after having kits

Black VC 

Proven Buck

Has some white ticking. 

About a year old


Same guy

Black Tort VM

Proven Doe

About a year old


Shown with her Magpie kit

Magpie Doe

10 weeks



same doe

Blue-eyed White Bucks

Two available