Outside Adoption Page ~~
These rabbits are up for adoption by other people, my site is just the venue to find new homes.
I receive no profit from rabbits on this page ~ just trying to find homes for them

Hello, our names are Nintje and Papa G Fluff, we are a bonded pair that have been spayed and neutered. We are both a little older than a year old. Our mom is looking for a really good home for us, indoors only and preferably with someone who has had rabbits before. Nintje is a female Dutch who enjoys being petted on her ears and will tolerate being held. Papa G is a single maned lionhead who does not enjoy being pet and is not the biggest fan of being held, he also sheds a lot and will need to be brushed. Both are litterbox trained. We need a new home as our owner is moving to places that don’t allow rabbits. We will come with our litterbox, hay, food, and our enclosure.

Asking for a small rehoming fee. Only call if interested and prepared for a rabbit, I will be asking to see where they would be living and would love to stay in contact with you. (505)550-2486 Kim ....   $50 for the bonded pair.